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Twin Product Details

The Twin Platform

Your digital AI trained with your data, stored on the blockchain and delivered through human-like avatars and chatbots.


Upload Your Data to the Blockchain

Upload your personal data & create your unique twin.

The data formats are vast and include folders, interviews, articles, books, audio, emails, videos, reports, papers, and more.

Apply Twin Artificial Intelligence

Your data will then use the most advanced AI language models to create queries and organize for easier consumption.

Use your Human-Like Avatars and Chatbots

Chatbots both text and voice can be used with your data as well as avatars - human-like or not. API connections can be leveraged to use your AI in the latest communication tools.

The Twin protocol is a dialogue management system platform that synergistically combines the advantages of various technical approaches, including:

  • Implementation of high-level symbolic reasoning

  • Systematization and application of rules and patterns

  • Use of neural modules trained on large-scale datasets

  • Application of dialogue skills on top of a refillable knowledge base

  • Use of human-in-the-loop retraining for system module improvement and overall cognitive abilities

Voice and chat human-like interface 

How to create your Digital Twin



Upload all interviews articles, books, podcasts, blogs, video footage and other content to create a digital library


Create a photo-realistic interactive avatar and train the system

Analyze with Twin Al, incorporating custom-configured large-scale neural networks and unique neural-symbiotic techniques leveraging the OpenCog system.



Launch in the marketplace and make it available for interactions.

Twin Dialogue Technology

The Twin Dialog Management System is a significant breakthrough in the delivery of a human-like interaction experience from SingularityNET. 

The dialogue system leverages state-of-the-art language models for dialogue generation, making it capable of handling general and natural conversation, instead of predetermined question-answer pairs. The experience is a much more natural, flexible, and interactive experience for those speaking with our avatar. 


The Twin avatar is able to imprint emotions to her vocal expressions making her sound more realistic, creating better rapport with users. The avatar can also express emotions with her face, in tune with her responses as well as mirroring the facial expressions of users.

Blue and White Arrow Chart Presentation-2.png
Blue and White Arrow Chart Presentation-2.png
Blue and White Arrow Chart Presentation-2.png
Blue and White Arrow Chart Presentation-2.png
Blue and White Arrow Chart Presentation-2.png
Blue and White Arrow Chart Presentation-2.png

Interaction with the Twin Platform

The interaction technology within the platform has a four-phased approach:

Phase 1


Type questions and receive a typed response


Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Spoken audio. Type or say a question and receive an audio response.

An advanced dialog system that allows for two-way audio dialogs

Delivery through chatbots, metaverse & avatars with human-like interactions and emotions. 

Twin Website Wireframe-3_edited_edited.png

Integration with Key Platforms

Twin Protocol will be used in an organization without the need of installing additional complex software or any learning curve for employees. 

It will integrate with key platforms that simplify  training of the Twin, including GSuite, OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox, Zoho, Zoom, Skype, Chat, Slack, and others. Integrations are used as communication channels as well. Every member of your slack, chat, skype, telegram, or WhatsApp groups will be able to communicate with your working Digital Twin in the same way they would with their colleagues in real life. 

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