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A New You in the Blockchain

Your Digital Twin

Store your data in the blockchain and create the digital version of you; now you can work, earn, and communicate without being present.

TWIN Protocol (“TWIN”) solves many crucial business problems, including retaining the lost knowledge of departing employees and engaging the right skills when needed.

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Share your expertise
on the Blockchain

With TWIN, you can store yours, and your workforce's, skills and expertise in the blockchain. This allows you to create a personal AI that can answer questions and be productive while you are not present.

The TWIN Protocol mission is to bring AI, blockchain, and AR/VR together delivering a platform where users can train their digital selves and share their skills and knowledge through the TWIN tokenized marketplace.

Problems and Solutions

Departing Enterprise Knowledge

Companies can spend up to $100,000 each time an employee leaves and takes their knowledge with them. TWIN Protocol provides a solution for enterprises that want to retain knowledge and have that accessible via human like avatars.

TWIN Protocol Characters

Twin Protocol allows users to deliver their message through characters provided by edYOU. Here are some of our high profile character examples. 



Nova is one of the world's first AI Being news reporters. She is featured on the Web3 Show every week. 



Hannah is the face of personal AI and is the main character at edYOU helping to revolutionize
AI education. 

Napoleon Hill.jpg

Digital Napoleon Hill

A chatbot version of the out of copyright works of Napoleon Hill  helps users to "Think and Grow Rich" and maximize their potential. 

Dr. Ben.jpg

Digital Dr. Ben Goertzel

A chatbot version of the "Father of Artificial General Intelligence" helps to educate on AI and the Singularity. 

SingularityNET is the world's foremost decentralized AI project and TWIN Protocol is partnered with SingularityNET to deliver TWINs to the world.


TWIN Protocol has been built, leveraging much of the same technology that powers Grace the Humanlike healthcare assistant and Sophia the Robot.


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