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Create a digital version of yourself to capture your unique skills, knowledge, and personality that you can share with others through a tokenized marketplace.

Secure and share your knowledge on the blockchain. 

Strategic Partners


Clone your team 

Secure and share your knowledge on the blockchain. 

Store the skills and expertise of yourself and your workforce on the blockchain – creating an advanced personal AI that can effectively answer questions and drive greater levels of productivity and efficiency - even in your absence.

We bring AI, blockchain, and AR/VR together to deliver a scalable and easy to use platform where individuals and companies can train their ‘digital selves’ to safely and securely share their skills and knowledge through the Twin tokenized marketplace.

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What can Twin do for your business?


Retain knowledge

Twin Protocol provides a solution for enterprises that want to retain core knowledge and ensure it is easily accessible through human-like avatars.


Make money around the clock

Twin Protocol provides a platform where individuals can train their Twin and monetize their expertise without being present – generating revenue 24/7.


Reach a broader audience

Twin revolutionizes the way we communicate and who we reach. Thought leaders, authors and companies can effectively present themselves in a digital form to a larger global audience.

Deliver your message with personality

Twin Protocol allows users to deliver content through human-like voice and chat.

sophia oo.png

A chatbot version of Sophia the Robot helps users learn more about Sophiaverse and how to help activate her evolution and awareness. 

Digital Sophia the Robot

Digital Dr. Ben Goertzel

A chatbot version of the "Father of Artificial General Intelligence" (AGI) helps to educate on AI and SingularityNet.


Built with the SingularityNET Platform

SingularityNET is the world's foremost innovative decentralized AI project. Twin Protocol has partnered with SingularityNET to deliver the world’s most advanced AI twins.


Together, we combine cutting-edge technology, AI and a decentralized framework to revolutionize the way people communicate, work and make money. 

Dr Ben Goertzel explains why Twin Protocol matters today.

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